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From Design to Domain – Build your Business at NameSummit

July 27, 2017

No matter what industry a business is in, attracting and engaging customers is the key to achieving success. While the internet is a valuable tool for sharing information with the public, consumers are often faced with the impossible challenge of sorting through too much content.
At NameSummit, a Digital Branding and Marketing conference in Midtown Manhattan, attendees will learn about developing and maintaining a brand online. Topics such as Influencer Branding and Monetizing across Platforms will provide tools to improve a brand’s digital assets.
Cool Nerds, in partnership with Timothy Jordan the Digital Marketing Designer and Advertising for Google, will be leading a discussion on Adword Strategies. Attendees can expect to gain insight into the SEO algorithms that make up Google, Yahoo, and Bing results and receive tips for improving their standings.
For Start-Ups and small businesses, the FOWNDERS team will provide personalized coaching and advice to create and improve upon a sustainable business model. FOWNDERS is a Start-Up incubator based in North Jersey that offers a twelve-week intensive program for new companies. This FREE advice will help you take the first step towards launching your business.
No matter what stage your company is in, there is a speaker or panel that will help you improve your online presence and master the latest technologies.

At this 2 Day Event, learn from over 40 top experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and digital branding superstars.
Are you trying to start or grow your business? Learn how to do it all at NameSummit 2017.