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NameSummit & Undeveloped.com – Online Domain Auction

May 13, 2017

New York City August 7-8th

NameSummit 2017 is gearing up to ignite conversations about digital branding, domain names, and online marketing. Undeveloped, an Epik domain name marketplace is partnering with NameSummit to provide a domain auction to help users find the perfect domain name to launch a new brand or run a great online campaign!

The auction will feature a variety of names across all Top Level Domains (TLDs).Alongside the familiar .COM and .ORG, expect to see new branded suffixes like .ROCKS, .SOCIAL and .CLUB, as well as niche-targeted domain names like .ART, .FUND and New York City’s very own .NYC.

“By including an online auction experience at NameSummit we are complementing the digital branding discussion with the opportunity to obtain great, brandable domain extensions. We look forward to collaborating with Undeveloped on this special event within NameSummit!” said NameSummit event Producers Steve Kaziyev and Jason Schaeffer.

At the conference, Epik will also contribute to discussions on how great domain names, when paired with the right end users and brands, can create real value and engage consumers.

Rob Monster, dual CEO of Epik and DigitalTown, will speak about how the new domain endings are enabling Smart Cities, describing innovations in the field of online identity for businesses and citizens.

Joseph Peterson, for many years an independent consultant, now Epik’s Director of Operations, says he is excited “to explore new ways to pair names with projects, boost liquidity for domain investors, and broaden participation in the domain market overall.” Peterson will be working closely with NameSummit on event planning.

Undeveloped CEO Reza Sardeha remarked, “It’s significant to see New York City engaging in the global conversation about domain names; and we’re glad to join NameSummit in this initiative.”

Together, investors, media companies, entrepreneurs, journalists, and web developers will meet in New York City this August to plan the next decade of internet branding.

Purchase your tickets at NameSummit.com. Interested in auctioning off one or more of your domain names? Submissions can be made here.