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Andrew Rosener

June 7, 2017

Andrew Rosener

CEO of Media Options

Co-Producer of NameSummit

While in college I started a small software company with a friend of mine in order to provide custom database solutions for small, service oriented businesses. When we both decided it wasn’t for us (after several successful projects) we closed the doors, sold one solid piece of software we had developed and I moved on…

My next venture was in the Frozen Seafood Commodities business. In this cut throat business of ever changing circumstances, tight margins and high competition I thrived in sales. I quickly became the Vice President of sales for Omega Sea and took the company from $12 million in sales when I started in 2003 to nearly $25 million in sales when I left. I exited the business because I wanted to pursue a passion of mine which up to that point had only been a hobby (a profitable hobby).

For several years I had been buying domain names related to topics I was interested in with the hopes of one day having the time to develop them and find a way to monetize them. Finally, I decided to make this a reality and not just with my domains, but with anyone else who wanted me to monetize their domains or sell them. Media Options is the culmination of everything I was looking for as a domain investor. Now I am able to provide that platform to others in the industry who likely have the same needs, particularly the desire but perhaps not the time or ability, to sell their domains to end users.