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Geoffrey Gonzalez

April 5, 2017

Geoffrey Gonzalez

Senior Director of Sales Natcom Global | Video Content Monetization

Geoffrey Gonzalez is a native New Yorker.

Geoffrey’s background extends from the consumer package industry and telecommunications industry into multicultural digital media.

Primary roles throughout began from building revenue streams via direct and indirect sales channels. During thirteen years in the consumer package goods industry, grew from local retail coverage to headquarter account calling for organizations like Beech-Nut Bay Food, Kraft Inc and Procter & Gamble. His last five years at Procter & Gamble were with a P&G Hispanic group.

While in the telecommunications sector, spent seven years building indirect sales force teams throughout the United States which targeted ethnic consumer and small business markets.

Geoffrey learned the significance of distribution and how it relates to sales. Since 2003, Geoffrey has dedicated himself to building out web properties. In fact, built out a network of 600 Spanish language web properties in order to target the U.S. Hispanic Market. An Internet & Telephony Milestone with leading Spanish language domains with matching mnemonic Toll-Free telephone numbers for live “Call to Action” results.

Spearheaded the Mundial Sports Digital Ad Network launch. Most recently at Evolve Media Business Development built Strategic Partnerships, Content Strategy, Monetization and Distribution while supporting Publisher Services in the Multicultural Digital Media space.

Today 2017 focusing on building Video Content Distribution and Monetization via web publishers.

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