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Greg Yuna

April 5, 2017

Greg Yuna

Mr. Flawless


Greg Yuna, prominently known as Mr. Flawless was born and raised in Queens, New York. Where he spent majority of his life, embracing the New York culture, electrifying energy and fast pace hustle, which to this day, is the fuel that feeds his creativity and determination.

In 2009, Greg parted ways with the mortgage company where he spent several years building his career platform, work ethic and discipline for success. Greg is a visionary; his passion for detail, fashion and exclusivity inspired him to take up the opportunity to work for his family business where he would have the platform to showcase his God-given talents.

In 2012, Greg’s work ethic, loyal nature, humble attitude and exclusive craftsmanship won his first of many celebrity clients, Floyd Mayweather Jr, which shortly after became Greg’s supportive friend, loyal client and inspiring mentor. Floyd has been an instrumental asset to the rapid growth of Greg’s Brand, Flawless. This was the era when the “MR” brand was born and how Mr. Flawless came together as one brand, one model, one vision that carries its own distinctive line of apparel, jewelry, custom designs, accessories and timepieces for both men and women.

At the core of the brand are the passion, the perseverance, the drive and creative force of founder, Greg Yuna. With respect to artistry, the appetite for fashion and the talent to envision unique designs and concepts with meticulous diligence and zest for going fashions that transcend in time, Greg makes the truly extraordinary a reality.

For nearly 3 years, the epicenter of excitement, hustle, flashy lights and dazzling diamonds has been home to Mr. Flawless. The store is located in the heart of the Diamond District, where Greg transforms jewelry and timepieces into a work of art and revolutionized old school designs such as the Jesus Piece. With enduring confidence, Greg and his craftsmen collaborate to create infinitely exclusive pieces of unsurpassed style.

Every piece Greg presents begins with an extensive study of the individual stones to inspire a distinctive and extraordinary design.
The diamond-driven pieces are a collaboration of artistic talent, skills, unique vision and craftsmanship working together to create flawless designs. Using flawless stones, meticulously set by hand to achieve the perfect angles of reflection.

It is the pristine quality that transforms fine jewelry into fine art. Our exclusive designs, craftsmanship, and quality set us apart in the industry.

Greg is committed to delivering the most exclusive ever evolving masterpieces that are crafted with flawless quality, attention to detail, a lot of love, integrity, unlimited creativity, realistic turn around time, along with the most competitive prices on the market.