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Joseph Peterson

May 12, 2017

Joseph Peterson

Director of Operations at Epik.com

Prior to joining Epik, Joseph worked for 6 years as an independent domain market analyst, branding consultant, buyer’s broker, and domain investor. He is well known within the industry as a writer and commentator, authoring hundreds of articles at the leading news site, DomainNameWire.com, among other publications. Behind the scenes, Joseph also worked on domain-related software projects as solopreneur.

An electrical engineer by training, Joseph served as a submarine officer during 8 years in the United States Navy. But his primary interest in life is literature. Like so many people, he stumbled upon domain names by accident. Immediately, he was fascinated by the overlap between language and market dynamics, numbers and words.

The only thing missing was teamwork. At Epik, Joseph collaborates with an international team on strategy, outreach, infrastructure, and new product development – including Undeveloped.com. Along the way, he continues writing for DNW and plans a forthcoming blog: Slanted.com.