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Steven Kaziyev

April 5, 2017

Steven Kaziyev

Co-Founder of NameSummit
CEO New York Media

Steven Kaziyev, managing partner of a mortgage company; Real Estate Broker; CEO, serial entrepreneur; Geo-targeted domain name expert; co-founder of this year’s digital branding conference at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel, and will serve as a program moderator at NameSummit 2017.

Steve comes to digital branding by way of a background in the mortgage industry beginning in 1993. His company, MortgageDepot.com, has been operating both online and offline as a mortgage broker serving New York and Florida states.  Main focus there has the been the online presence generating leads for his MLO’s (mortgage loan officers). With his knowledge in Search Engine Optimization he is able to have his mortgage company obtain favorable organic placement in search engines including and limited to the keyword term “No Income Check Mortgage”, channeling fresh daily leads for his company.

His interest in domains began in 2004 when he started registering domain names in the financial sector which eventually he stumbled into a Pure Geo-Targeted domain name market. He ultimately founded CityPartners, which controls a portfolio of Geo-targeted websites, creating partnerships with local merchants and local professionals helping them build a local presence in the marketplace. Some of his local community sites include FreshMeadows.com, KewGardens.com, JamaicaEstates.com, KewGardensHills.com, Douglaston.com, Plainview.com and NewHydePark.com. Under Steve’s leadership, his company Asking Price Realty Inc., (AskingPrice.com) incorporated an IDX feed from the Multiple Listing Service into its geo-targeted websites generating real estate leads which he disburses to his real estate agents covering Queens and Nassau counties.

As a partner and chief executive officer at a digital marketing agency NewYorkMedia.com, Steve has helped develop brandable marketplaces that target certain sectors. YourBrand.com, a marketplace for brandable domain names which most of its inventory are short pronounceable made up words which are in high demand for start-up companies. Another of his marketplaces is HelloNYC.com consisting of New York related domain names, anything from .nyc domains to real estate .coms such as TribecaHomes.com and other long-tailed keyword rich domains like BrooklynCPA.com or QueensLawyer.com.

One of his price possessions are his digital assets located on NameDiscover.com a marketplace for generic type brands.

MortgageBranding.com and RealtyBranding.com are marketplaces that cater to their certain sectors. Both of these marketplaces have been in the making over the past decade, building a solid portfolio for both financial and real estate virtual marketplaces.

Attendees at this year’s digital branding conference will be able to hear from this domain pioneer and exchange ideas with him.