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NameSummit 2017 is a community of professionals dedicated to advancing businesses and individuals in digital branding. Industries today face widespread competition not only from rival companies, but also from SEO algorithms as they bid for users’attention. Building a digital brand is more than simply creating a website; it requires time, energy and strategy. That’why NameSummit 2017 is providing guests with the skills they need to jump ahead of competitors and increase their return on investment.

Sponsoring NameSummit 2017 provides you with access to this large network of online branding experts and offers a wide reach for promotion.

New York Media is a network of enterprises that have been developed over the past 13 years. The company’s main concentration is in developing and operating pure New York Geo targeted websites utilizing premium domain names. Their business partners experience local, regional and global exposures through their network of local geographical communities. New York Media operates several enterprises including CityPartners.com, HelloNYC.com, NameDiscover.com, RealtyBranding.com, MortgageBranding.com and a handful more. New York Media is also a co-founder of NameSummit.

ESQwire has an internationally recognized practice in the field of domain name and Internet law. Our attorneys have been handling Domain Name Disputes and Transactions, and Trademark claims since the early days of the Internet. Our Attorneys have represented some of the largest domain owners in the Industry. We have also represented Fortune 100 Companies in connection with the protection of their valuable Intellectual Property. This experience enables us to understand both sides of the dispute. Whether you are a Domain owner or a Trademark owner seeking to protect your rights, ESQwire is ready to assist you.

32Events is a visionary events management agency dedicated to providing seamless event coordination for everything from social parties to industry tradeshows and business engagements.We are a boutique goal-oriented company that aims to simplify the planning process in a way that will meet all the objectives of social, business, and charity events.No matter what the occasion, 32Events will bring your visions to life through strategic planning and a collaborative approach. Our planning expertise results in event that are seamless, productive, and (dare we say it?)..fun! Whether you need to put the word on the street for a really great cause, or are preparing to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for next spring’s tradeshow, 32Events is here to help. To learn more about our services, contact us anytime! We’d love to hear about your upcoming event and explore how we can make it better!

For nearly 3 years, the epicenter of excitement, hustle, flashy lights and dazzling diamonds has been home to Mr. Flawless. The store is located in the heart of the Diamond District, where Greg transforms jewelry and timepieces into a work of art and revolutionized old school designs such as the Jesus Piece. With enduring confidence, Greg and his craftsmen collaborate to create infinitely exclusive pieces of unsurpassed style.

Every piece Greg presents begins with an extensive study of the individual stones to inspire a distinctive and extraordinary design.
The diamond-driven pieces are a collaboration of artistic talent, skills, unique vision and craftsmanship working together to create flawless designs. Using flawless stones, meticulously set by hand to achieve the perfect angles of reflection.

It is the pristine quality that transforms fine jewelry into fine art. Our exclusive designs, craftsmanship and quality set us apart in the industry!

Above.com’s AutoPilotTM technology helps domain investors operate at a level above parking companies by making them compete with each other and with premium advertisers for your traffic. Competition drives higher RPMs. Let our AutoPilot technology do all the work. Above.com also offers free, time-saving tools within its registrar and marketplace platforms.

We Power Smart Cities

DigitalTown empowers cities of all sizes. We power local search, enable local commerce, and help keep more funds in the local economy.

We bring domains to life

334.6 Million domain names are already registered, and 44% of them are not used by their current owner! This leads incredible frustration. We believe the domain industry deserves better, and we are fixing it.

Likeable Hub

Social Media Automated for Your Business

Nominet – The Official Registry for UK Domain Names


We’re the biggest domain name registry in the UK, responsible for the .uk, .cymru, and .wales top-level domains, and we play a behind the scenes role supporting bespoke domains for some of the world’s largest brands.

The Domain Name Association (“The DNA”) is a new non-profit global business association that represents the interests of the domain name industry. Its members are groups, businesses, and individuals involved in the provision, support, and sale of domain names. This includes such organisations as domain name registries, registrars, resellers, and registry service providers.

The Domain Name Association aims to play a key role in helping consumers, business, public-benefit organisations, and others understand the benefits and take advantage of the upcoming expansion of the Internet name space. It is the first-ever industry trade association to represent the interests of the domain name industry and will promote, advance, and support the common interests of the industry with regards to the provisioning, expanded adoption, and use of domain names.

The intent of the Domain Name Association is to build trust, exchange ideas, educate, and raise awareness of domain related issues.

We invite all stakeholders in the domain name industry to join the Domain Name Association to work together to support our shared objectives.

We Believe That Those Who Contribute Make Us Better.

It’s why we create simple, useful tools to empower participation in the world’s bravest communication space: the Internet. We are experts in domain names and the products that make the most of them. This helps you showcase your ideas, stories, services and contributions to the world. Our manifesto:


Media Options is an industry leading Domain Broker. We are not a huge company, but we do huge things! We consider ourselves a “boutique” brokerage service, catering to clients who demand a higher level of service and success than they will find with most of the other available domain brokerage options today. We have brought together a unique combination of talents and resources to utilize the power of online media and to help you realize the full potential of your domain names & business on the Internet.

SEMPO is a global non-profit organization serving the search engine marketing industry and marketing professionals engaged in it. Our purpose is to provide a foundation for industry growth through building stronger relationships, fostering awareness, providing education, promoting the industry, generating research, and creating a better understanding of search and its role in marketing.

When we first founded the idea of SEMPO in 2002, the search marketing industry was relatively small and unknown. Since there was no organization that would serve our needs as a community, and give us the independence to move as quickly as our industry changes, we began our own trade group: the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization.

Our activities are primarily centered on Education and Awareness. To support our educational mission, we offer an extensive library of resources, research and articles, as well as outreach activities such as Webinars and speaking events. To drive Awareness of the value of search marketing, and how to maximize its potential in a marketing mix, we fund advertising campaigns, outreach activities, events, and press. Our research studies help to quantify the value of Search Marketing and track the industry trends.